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[QUOTE=negolien;10340434]I' am a little confused by the above. You stated that you had not disassemled the weapon before. Which means DW put the spring in backwards. I find that hard to believe but I guess anything is possible..The manuals for DW and LG do say to wait and put a couple of hundred rounds down range before stripping it to allow some wear.QUOTE]

I said, "Stupid on my part not making note of the fit when I took it apart...", meaning DW has it on right, but I did not make note of that when taking it apart and put it back together with the spring reversed.

My DW manual specifically says to clean and lubricate under differents sets of circumstances, the first being, "Before firing your DAN WESSON FIREARMS for the first time". That is on page 10 of my manual. I don't find anything about a couple of hundred rounds to allow some wear.

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