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Originally Posted by 9mmepiphany View Post
You just have to jam a screw driver under the spring guide and lever it up should shoot across the room and impale itself into your drywall
Originally Posted by negolien View Post
Ok so let me see if I have this straight. The recomended way to break it down is not good for the weapon but jamming a screwdriver under the assembly and prying it out so it shoots across the room is? Think I will just contuinue to do it the GI way. If it's worked for over 100 years it must be ok for my non Pro-Competition Kimber.
9mmepiphany was being facetious, so no, you don't have it straight. Thats why he used the devil emoticon He's a highly respected professional firearms instructor, he doesn't pry on handgun parts with screwdrivers.

Use whatever method you want on your Kimber. But for tight fitted 1911's with standard recoil systems the video shows the best way. I'm well past the age where I try to make horses drink after leading them to water. If they prefer a different stream thats fine.
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