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...Confused and don't understand.

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You already live in a place that displays the best example of modern day tyranny. So you rather leave your home where you live now to move somewhere you have more freedoms?

Ok excuse my historical inaccuracies, but I think the people that came here about 300-400 years ago moved to a free state for the same reasons, and it was not about the guns, then but people needed a way to defend themselves. Today, where you live, do you legally have the right to defend yourself and your family today?
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness property, right? Well if I cannot defend my property, then what is the point in staying here (this state)? If someone enters my home and I shoot them, I could be sued by their family for THEM committing a crime, or planning on a felony (B&E right?), and I can go to jail and lose my rights. I cannot even walk outside with a rifle at the ready anymore if someone is breaking into my car, or even trying to steal it in this state.

In TX if someone steals a $20 from you, you can legally shoot them IN THE BACK while they run with it. THAT is decency that I want my children to understand, cause and effect... not this liberal BS, over-regulation of EPA-pushed bull, tolerance of immoral behavior that they teach our kids, not to mention the CPS getting involved for disciplining your kids in the normal fashion. I have researched a city in a free-state's AVG temps (and max high/lows), natural disasters, firearm laws, castle laws, etc, and it looks like we have ducks in a row... now that I just refinanced and can rent my home for a few hundred dollars more a month than my mortgage is. No more Yee, or Feinstein pushing communist agenda on us would be a good thing.

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So how long do you think that free-state will block it? and block what? a gun ban? is all this really about guns or is it "just the start"?
The 10th Amendment, ...

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I know this may be unrelated to this specific issue but has anyone in California ever really wondered why the cost of living there is so high?
To support communists, and their lifestyle... and so they can push Liberal agenda and pay for people get in the wagon, and never push/pull it.
"That's what governments are for - get in a man's way." - Captain Malcolm 'Mal' Reynolds

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