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posted to my facebook i have a bunch of gun owning friends who have been bickering about gun control lately, hopefully they will donate as well..

Very interesting documentary being made about the 2nd amendment, and illustrates its importance in the 20th century and our modern world. Did you know that during the civil rights movement, a small group of african americans used the 2nd amendment to fight off the KKK? And that in the 1940s, the japanese were disarmed before being thrown into internment camps and imprisoned.... AND in the 1950s a renegade sheriff in tennessee was defeated by a local militia who used the 2nd amendment to fight off his tyranny. history repeats itself, dont buy into the gun control an american you have the right to bear arms against a tyranical government. dont let the gun grabbers use the emotional tragedy of sandy hook to chip away at your constitutional rights, if they truely cared about ending massacres, banning semi auto rifles (only used in 2% of total gun murders) is NOT one of them. This documentary is funded by private gun owners, NOT the NRA or gun companies, its a grassroots effort!
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