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I got in line at the entrance to the show at 8:45. I got in around 10:20 and got in line for ammo immediately, and my buddy got in the other ammo line. After 2 hours we were still at least an hour from the front so I had another friend wait in my line and went to check stock and prices. After seeing Wolf .223 being the cheapest and still $249 for 500 rounds I gave up, especially after seeing the 500 round limit for sales on it. Found two guys selling 1000 rounds of Federal 5.56 ammo for $950, and another guy selling it for $20 per box of 20, nice.

I then went looking around and found an AR lower parts kit for $200 and an 80% AR lower for $225. I then realized I didn't have enough lube to buy anything on my list so I just bought some pink magpul stuff for my girlfriend and called it a day. I was just sad to see the gouging going on.
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I beg to differ. The full length dust cover rail makes a world of difference in the "when I run out of bullets I'm going to beat you to death with the pistol" look that causes bad guys to run in fear, and lesser men to feel inadequate. It looks just plain beastly and the extra heft up front does help manage recoil a bit better. Plus, an angel told me that when God called JMB to heaven it was to build him a full rail 1911!
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