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ASC is my go to range for pistol/handgun. If you don't have a membership, the wait is really long on the weekends and can get somewhat long on the weekdays right after 5pm. But, since I go there at 3:30pm, they usually have lanes open to spare. The memberships are pretty pricey, but since I go twice a week, that more than makes up for it. Even without a membership, it's $15 for the whole day. I've never had a problem with the staff.

I've been to P2K a few times and it's a really nice indoor range. Some caveats, though. They charge by the hour and you don't get to use the entire hour, you have to stop every 20 minutes or so, take a 5 minute break and then begin shooting again. This is so the guys at the 100 yard range can pick up their targets. It's very nice, though, the only 100 yard indoor range in San Diego I've been to. The staff is very friendly.

Iron Sights is the one near Oceanside. This is very much like ASC. Long waits during the weekends, but cheap pricing for the entire day. We found a pistol bayonet there and bought it for kicks for our dad. But, this was when I was working in Carlsbad and it took a very short time to get there.

By far my favorite range is Escondido Fish and Game Association. This is an outdoor range. It took me an entire year to get in due to the wait list and I am told that the list is now 3 years long!! Anyone who wants to get in needs to get their applications in like yesterday. Or last year. All new members are now provisional members who need to work a mandatory 6 hours of volunteer work. I like to work it off by doing coaching the Jr Rifle and Jr Pistol matches. They are a lot more fun than range cleanup and plus I get to check out how they run things for when my own kids will compete. I already have my required six hours, but I''m going to continue to coach due to the fun factor and to make sure I get in next year. There's a pistol, archery, tomahawk (!!! what?), shotgun, 100 yard rifle and 150 yard rifle range. There is a campground as well, but you need permission to use it. There are also bathroom facilities, a club house where range business is conducted and other amenities. Weekly and monthly events are run for very low prices. If you can get in to this range, I highly recommend it. The RSOs and board members are very friendly and will answer any questions you might have.
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