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Yes, the current problem is that I'm going through emails by date, and there's no good way to know when people have replied as the reply is 400-500 emails ahead of where I am. As I said, I'm doing inbox searches for each email address, so if I get to your email from the 20th and you've sent more on the 21st, 24th and 27th I'll see all of them at once. However, there's no good way to get right back to a reply without watching the top and ignoring all the older ones. This will change as I'm caught up further. I'm working through the 21st right now, so if you sent a request before that please resend as it was either missed and is buried, or went to spam.

If you want to speed this up and get a ticket on your first email please do the following-
1. Send exact order. Anything with *** next to it on the list is a ways out, so if you send an order for that I'm going to assume you're willing to wait a while.
2. Send your shipping info.
3. Let me know that you're aware it's a preorder and that I'm advising a 30+ day wait on everything right now.

Most of the time replies to emails are spent with determining an exact order, asking for shipping info, advising that something can't be preordered, etc. I don't mind doing that, but if I don't have all the necessary info in the first email I have to send a reply and your reply goes farther ahead in line.

I WANT TO CLARIFY FOR ANYBODY THAT MISSED IT- Nothing is in stock right now... I have some orders coming through but everything arriving right now (and for the foreseeable future) is already committed to preorders. For example.... I have a couple hundred Glock 17rd mags arriving later this week. They should be enough to get through 80-90% of the existing G17 17rd orders. When I ordered these I ordered about 50 more than I had committed, and those 50 were sold before this order even shipped. That's pretty much how everything's working right now.

I have received 0 Pmags at this point. I have been billed for some, so that means my place in the shipping line is coming up fairly soon. I have thousands of Pmags on various orders, so once I start to see orders there will be a pretty regular stream of them as they get to my sequential places in line. As the Pmags come in orders will be filled by the date the order was placed.

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