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Originally Posted by tackdriver View Post
HI guys, I am sure that it is not a malware, in my discussion with ms she had me run thru things to prove it was genuine. I have the screen that Peter s shows (only without the blue scribbles, hmmm we might be onto something..) I am currently downloading a system update readiness tool from the site that bg had recommended. Time will tell on this one
I couldnt find the K8971033 file that njineer recommended, is it in another file? I couldnt pull it up on "search" either.
As always, thanks a lot guys. I let you know what happens with the download.
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You find that update in the control panel window. It's not a file, it's a windows component, like a program add-on. I'm on a phone or I'd post screen shots.
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Dude went full CNN...
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