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Originally Posted by tackdriver View Post
HI guys, I am sure that it is not a malware ... [snip] ...
She said they'd be happy to reactivate by giving me a new key code, for $120

One way or another, you've gotten malware. If that screen that you pulled up says "Windows is activated" and shows the little blue logo in the bottom right, then you're activated and good to go, and you've got a different set of issues.

Maybe. Hmm. Where did you get the number that you called where they told you it would cost $120? Was it from a dialog box on your computer? I'd recommend verifying that number through the judicious application of Google, from a different computer, just to be paranoid (or safe, depending on your point of view).

Download and install a program called "Magical Jelly Bean Key Finder." (Yeah, I know, laugh it up. It works.) Run it, and see if the key that it gives you is the same as the key that's on your sticker.

I've bought Windows 7 pre-installed on 3 computers now, and in all 3 cases the number that was on the sticker was not the key that was actually installed. The installed key was an OEM license used by HP, Toshiba or Asus, respectively.

If they key is different from the one that is on the sticker, well, your problem might be solved.
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