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Originally Posted by WokMaster1 View Post
Any good source for those? Was thinking about installing those on my house just to be a tad self sufficient.
Depends what your definition of self sufficient is. Do you want to be able to keep your refrigerator running if the power goes out? For how long? You need to scale the batteries to support the duration you want to be able to provide power. Adding the wind turbine is a good idea - I don't think I got any charge the last 3 days - crappy weather in SoCal. But I am also not in a good place for wind power so I don't have one. Point being you should have or plan on a generator if you really want to be covered. You can save a lot of money the more you can do yourself. I installed 3kw worth of panels about ten years ago - I had a solar contractor come and do the grid tie part but saved a ton doing all the panels and inverter install.

On the inverter side consider whether it supports automatically starting your generator if the batteries are getting low - this may be a higher end feature but it's nice to know if stuff happens while you are out of town the system will take care of it.

Originally Posted by kb58 View Post
Seriously? Google is your friend.
How about before you post ask yourself "Am I just being a dick?". If so don't post.
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