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Please DO NOT do any PRESS RELEASE. It's great to let the local BLM staff know that people are cleaning the place up, and it's great to make arrangements here on calguns, but we do NOT want the media publicizing either of the following:

A. That people can go out and shoot on public land (particularly specific spots, which the media would have no problem alerting the public too--which means more irresponsible shooters out there).

B. The state that these lands are already in (trash, trees all shot up, fires started, etc...).

We need to be good stewards of the land we use, which means cleaning it up, and NOT announcing to every a--hat out there where to take that new gun they bought "because they're gonna ban them" and be unsafe and a literbug, particularly given the political climate right now.

I am all up for taking out new shooters to our spots and teaching them the "rules" (clean up and be safe). It's a terrible idea, though, to let the press announce this to the public, because they will either twist it, or put out the info for the hordes without actually doing the education/teaching piece we all do when we take new shooters out.
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