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Originally Posted by Phil3 View Post
I was excited to use the method in the video, but it will not work on the Dan Wesson PointMan 7 (PM7). In the video, the recoil spring plug is withdrawn from inside the slide. On the PM7, the plug rests on a shoulder in the must be withdrawn from the front. No biggie I thought, I will still use the video but install the plug from the front and hold it in place with the barrel bushing. And then I will install the spring/guide rod assembly from the inside of the slide as shown in the video, this assembly sliding into the recoil plug already installed. Not possible.

The recoil spring/guide rod are long enough that the angle formed by trying to insert as shown in the video causes the assembly to hit the front part of the slide and the barrel link area. The problem is rod itself. It is MUCH longer than the rod shown in the video. It is 3.775" long, tip to tip, or the length of about 19 - 20 recoil spring coils. In the video, their short guide rod covers about 7 coils. I can't even fit it in the slide using the method in the video, without the spring. The guide rod goes in fine, IF the recoil spring plug is not there.

No wonder the instructions from Dan Wesson are to use the wrench to remove parts from the outside. This is so much of a fight, it is damn near a deal killer for me. It should not be anywhere near this hard to take apart a gun and clean.

Hmm I don't have a PM7 to compare. I've seen posts where people have replaced their PM7's FLGR with the standard g.i. type setup which shouldnt work if your slide has some type of special shoulder (I would love to see a photo of that). Often on a FLGR you have a spring plug that is called a "reverse plug" and it is only removeable from the rear due to a shoulder on the reverse plug.

The good news is that you can get rid of that FLGR without consequence. (DW does not use a FLGR on their Valor model or CBOB's) You could either obtain replacement parts from DW or from a supplier like Ed Brown or Wilson.

I only use FLGR's on bull barrel 1911's that don't allow the use of a standard bushing.

Edit: did some more research. Some people claim that the issue with disassembly on the Pm7 is caused by the slide being slightly retracted while you try to depress the guide rod plug and turn the bushing. Using the safety to limit slide travel may still allow enough retraction to cause the guide rod to protrude too far forward. Having the slide removed by popping the slide stop out first should prevent that from happening or just ensure the slide is fully forward while trying to disassemble. Some people shorten their stock PM7 guide rod slightly and find it much easier to disassemble.
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