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Originally Posted by Phil3 View Post
Thanks, I will try the video method. This looks a lot less troublesome!

I am not so happy that turning the barrel bushing is leaving a a light circular scratch or wear mark on the frame under where the half-moon part of the bushing is when it turned clockwise (looking at muzzle). Easy to see on the stainless bead blasted finish. I find no burrs on the bushing, but might be something on lug recess inside slide that I can not see, forcing a tight fit against against the face of the frame. Or maybe this kind of wear is normal when servicing the gun. ???

If the bushing is that difficult to turn, the radial tip of bushing lug might need to be relieved a bit. You can have a Gunsmith do it, or if you have a hard arkansas or ultra-fine file available, you could do it, one stroke at a time. If you believe the bushing is held to tightly to the slide, you can also relieve the lug area that faces the inner face of the bushing with a file, one stroke at a time.

Or, you could simply remove the barrel, reinstall the bushing, and create artificial wear by taking the bushing wrench and simply turning the bushing from left to right until the tension is slightly relieved.
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