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Default Is how I do it. Though it seems some 1911's have bull barrels and require the use of a take down tool

From the kimber manual

This product should be cleaned after every use and
when exposed to dirt, sand, etc. When not in use,
clean at least twice per year.
1. With the pistol unloaded, the magazine
removed and the hammer down, depress the
recoil spring plug, with the supplied wrench,
and turn the barrel bushing clockwise,
towards the right side of the pistol until the
recoil spring plug and recoil spring are free. Be
careful, the recoil spring and plug are under
tension and can fly out with substantial force.
2. Ease out recoil spring and plug. If recoil
spring does not come out easily, remove plug
and leave the spring for step 6. The open end
of the recoil spring goes into the plug.
3. Cock the hammer and push the slide rearward
until the semi-circular tab on the back of the
slide stop aligns with the semi-circular
disassembly notch in the bottom of the slide.
4. Push inward on the end of the slide stop shaft
on the right side of the pistol and remove the
slide stop from the left side.
5. Slide the slide assembly forward off the frame.
6. Remove the recoil spring through the opening
at the front of the slide.
7. Turn the barrel bushing counterclockwise until
the lug aligns with the opening andremove the
bushing from the front of the slide.
8. Remove the full length recoil spring guide
from the bottom of the slide by rotating it
away from the barrel and withdrawing it
towards the rear of the slide. The barrel link
can get in the way of removal. To stop this,
hold the slide inverted and rotate the link to
its full forward position. The guide rod can
now be lifted over the link.
Tip the barrel link forward to clear the recoil
spring tunnel. Then pull the barrel forward
clear of the slide.
The pistol is now disassembled for cleaning
purposes (field stripped).
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