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Originally Posted by negolien View Post
Yeah I do my Kimber differantly than that.

1st thing I do is make sure the magazines dropped and the chambers empty

2nd is push down on the spring plug and turn the bushing using the Magazine tab or the widgit. Then I pull the spring and spring plug out.

3rd is to move the slide to the disasembly notch and pull that part out.

4th pull the slide off with the barrel and recoil guide rod still inside, pull the guide rod out and then the barrel.

5th I then turn the bushing clounter clockwise half a turn and take the bushing off.

6th Slide the barrel out the front of the slide.

To assemble:

I put on the bushing, then I put the barrel in the slide then the guide rod.
Put the top of the slide on the weapon lining up the hole to put in the slide stop. Then I put the plug on the spring and push down with the widgit or a magazinew tab till it catches the bushing enough to hold it. I then push the spring and spring plug down far enough to turn the bushing.
You're using the g.i. type take down method. It doesn't work well with really tight fit barrel bushings nor is it desireable due to wiping the bushing against the barrel at its fitted point. The inside of the barrel bushing is parallel to the barrel. The outside of the bushing is parallel to the slide. The angle are not the same.

Once a person gets used to the method in the video theres no reason to go back to the g.i. way.
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