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Originally Posted by SO.CALISHOOTER View Post
@Vector16Whether you were deployed or not got to give you your props for joining ha ha ha must of been locked in a room for a week with your lady.. Just from looks the kimber looks a little more appealing just my opinion I feel you I have about 2 months before I turn 21 to chose put if I'm not really sure yet ill still be waiting more but I do like why u said on one of your earlier post go in blind folded and see witch one fits me better ha ha but it's the truth it's what it comes down to witch feels better in my hand
They reason why I said that is becuase it is your first gun. If you buy a gun for looks or for the name, it may just turn you off to the whole thing. I have been aroiund the block a time or two. I have handled and shot more guns than most people will do in a lifetime. The 1911 is a special occasion where you do by the gun for its looks and not for the feel of the gun. there are so many manf'rs that make the icon and they are all almost indentical. You can buy parts for a 1911 and they will fit on any of them. the main variable on most 1911s is the front of the grip for the traction and the extractor, internal or extrenal. There is a debate on which is better. The Kimber had an external for the longe\st time and they had problems with it the have switched back to the internal extactor. While S&W and Springfield both use the external extractor and swear by it. They have never had a problem with them. There are only a couple of companies that make a 1911 frame and they sell them to the other manf'rs to use. These companies are Colt, S&W and Browning I think. They are the same companies that make the AR lower. There are so make things that make up how a 1911 looks and not to many how it feels. You can buy one and make it liik almost identiacl to the other with not much effort at all.
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