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Guys, they aren't going to be able to go door-to-door to collect firearms from people. They don't have enough manpower. And as I have said before, if they start doing no-knocks and trying to get them that way, they are only going to get a day or two before the word gets out and the nutballs start waiting for them to show up. You will have a few violent shootouts, lose some cops, and then the cops aren't going to want to go out and play anymore. Realize just how twitchy some of us gun owners are. Look at how heated debates get on here, and this is just the internet. Imagine what happens if they really do try to take guns in real life. Exactly how many cops do you think are going to be willing to go risk their lives over something that they don't agree with, nor want to deal with, just because some idiot politicians say so? The politicians aren't the ones that will have to drive up to houses out in the middle of nowhere to try and get guns from end-of-the-world types who have been preparing for doomsday for decades. The same type of people who have had years to lay out elaborate plans involving IEDs, drums full of jellied gasoline and prepared positions? Seriously, there are some very scary people out there. And pulling a stunt like this to try and take what they view as their ultimate defense against whatever boogyman they have dreamed up will not go over well. Forget the costs of going to court. Forget the costs of compensating gun owners. Think about the costs of running a few operations like this in terms of political capital. It would be political suicide to be the one responsible for getting that many cops killed. Not to mention you would have a lot of people in law enforcement who wouldn't be all that keen on running these operations. Especially not after the first few go kaboom in their collective faces.

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