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Originally Posted by the86d View Post
Not if I move my family to a free-state that already is blocking it...
I think more decent-influences would be beneficial to my children, and the lady and I have been really discussing it, and she is a Democrat (clearly not the Socialist pinko-commie type..).
I have several questions to clear up. Confused and don't understand.

You already live in a place that displays the best example of modern day tyranny. So you rather leave your home where you live now to move somewhere you have more freedoms?

Ok excuse my historical inaccuracies, but I think the people that came here about 300-400 years ago moved to a free state for the same reasons, and it was not about the guns, then but people needed a way to defend themselves. Today, where you live, do you legally have the right to defend yourself and your family today?

So how long do you think that free-state will block it? and block what? a gun ban? is all this really about guns or is it "just the start"?

I know this may be unrelated to this specific issue but has anyone in California ever really wondered why the cost of living there is so high?
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