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Originally Posted by Geared Hub View Post
For coins backed by a government, you're probably looking at Eagles, Maples, Libertads, Philharmonics, Kookaburras, etc.

For bullion bars and rounds I'd stick to the larger, well known mints out there.

Examples are: Engelhard, Sunshine, Johnson Matthey, Silvertowne, PAMP, Heraeus, etc.

Poured bars are nice, but I usually stick to ones stamped from a known mint as as well.

In the end it's all metal bullion value, but different mints will have a premium, ie. Swiss Pamp silver or gold with the Assay cards will command a high premium vs say some silvertowne bars.

That's not really a bad thing, you can usually recover the premium when selling to other collectors and some dealers.

I used to buy from APMEX, and Gainsville Coins and theres a few coin/bullion stores in the LA area that will give better prices than the internet sites depending on your relationship with the place [ie. if you been buying there for a while, etc]
Very interesting! I'm also in burbank, I completely understand having a good relationship with the shop, but what are the good stores in our neighborhood? The best I found was in Glendale, kind of near big 5 and the mall, but it wasn't "great"
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