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Originally Posted by garand1945 View Post
No, we don't. You are just helping them improve the bill.

Should this bill get passed in any form, we have great lawyers who will systematically attack every flaw.

We don't need to find the flaws for either side at this point.

If you find a flaw, don't point it out. If you find a really egregious flaw, then put tuck tape over your mouth and keep quite. Every flaw helps us and hurts them.
I think you are wrong on this. This is not a California only bill, this is nationwide. Getting people who are on the fence on this upset about this bill and writing their congressman and senator is more effective than waiting for it pass and attacking it legally. In 1994 many gun owners didn't care or even supported the first AWB, why because it didn't affect them. Having more people apposed of this bill is better than worrying if it gets amended. I fail to see the logic is finding the problems and getting more people on our side such as the Glock issue, this will affect many more non-sporting rifle people. The anti-gun people are in full force spewing old data or just wrong information trying to get people to support this ban. Not talking about just helps them more.
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