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What kind of shape are you in now? The first month of a full basic academy is usually very demanding in PT, we'll actually the whole thing is. But people find it easier as time goes and they slide into the routine and structure of the academy.

The first couple of day's your body will be pushed very hard in PT. ( weeding Out recruits) It is very important to be top physical shape, and not just slide by with the agility exam minimums. I would invest in cardio extensive programs like Insanity, all the PT in the academy is ' cross fit' or ' functional movement' types. Anything involving endurance is good.

Just doing push ups and running may be enough, but you'll be suffering. If you want to enjoy it, I'd do insanity or crossfit before going the academy. Infact one of our highest scoring recruits in PT was a Army reservist who did the insanity program before the academy. He excelled at mostly everything, he cited his success to that program.
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