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Originally Posted by svrds View Post
Hi everyone!

I am looking to purchase a new shotgun that will be used for Sporting Clay and Trap. I want to get something nice and probably a 28" barrel as it will be used by my wife as well. We are both fairly small so a 30" may be too large. I am new to it but am a experienced shooter outside of shooting Clay and Trap.

What do you all recommend un the sub $1500 price range? If spending an additional $300 or so will get me something MUCH better than give me some suggestions in that range.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Like others have said, you need to decide between semi-auto or O/U

Semi-auto has many more options in your price range from Beretta, Benelli, and many other quality brands. $1k to $1500 will buy a very nice high quality semi.

O/U has a much smaller selection thats under $2k and still considered decent quality. You can get into a base Browning Citori for under $1500, and the base model Berettas run just under $2k. Stay away from the cheaper O/U's like the mossberg or Browning Cynergy- its better to buy a used gun or a semi-auto at that point.
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