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Have a question:

I visit frequently the area of Fort Mohave, bull head as we do boating and my in laws have a vacation home there. Very close to there and sometimes without knowing, we cross into Tribal lands. (On the 95 after Needles, you have to drive through tribal land).

Last year I asked if they honor the constitutional carry and the tribal police chief I spoke with said "NO".

Heres what they posted on a search I found: *See bold and underlined below. Does this mean a CCW permit is such documents issued?

Section 345. Carrying a Concealed Weapon.
A person commits the offense of carrying a concealed weapon if, without legal justification, or lawful authority as hereinafter provided, he knowingly carries concealed on or about his person a knife, firearm, or other dangerous weapon as hereinafter defined.
a. It shall be an affirmative defense that the accused was:
(1) Lawfully authorized to carry such knife, firearm or other dangerous weapon concealed on or about his person, which lawful authority shall be by permit issued by the Tribal Council or such other authority designated by it, or by written permit or other authority of the United States;
(2) A Police or other law enforcement officer of the Tribes or the United State acting in the performance of his official duties; or
(3) Was in this own dwelling, or place of business, or on property owned or under his control at the time of the act of carrying; or
(4) Was in a private automobile or other means of conveyance and was carrying the weapon therein for lawful protection of his or another permit or property while traveling.
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