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Default Hello

Long time lurker first time poster
As my board name states I was in the Marine Corps from 1992 to 1996
Infrantry with the 2nd Batallon 5th Marines based out of Camp Pendelton
Currently I am in the IT field working for a Entertainment company
I own a few guns and they are:
Bushmaster AR15 (registered in 1999)
M1 Garand
Springfield M1911A1
Springfield XD9 subcompact
Uberti Colt 45
Ruger markIII 22/45
and a Beretta Tomcat on the way
Thats is for now
I do have some things I intend to sell but i figured Id post a few time to prove Im legit
John P. Hermesmeyer
U.S.M.C. 1992 to 1996 0311 5th Marines
Current location: Camp Living room 1st Recline Div.Now in Texas
In memory of my friend Officer Ryan Bonaminio Riverside PD. Gone but not forgotten.
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