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Originally Posted by Can'thavenuthingood View Post
Someone needs to apply with CGF on point, make a case out of it. I do wonder what the ramifications of such actions might be in this relatively small community though. Sure we're legally protected from such actions but prove it.
Hassles are a headache.


My wife & I have been standing by for two years now, ready and willing to make a case of it, in any manner that CGF felt would be best in a strategic sense. (See page 2 of this thread.) Had some contact with CGF but I guess other areas were a priority.

Kings Co Sheriff refused her app. Eventually applied through the Hanford PD, jumped through all their illegal hoops, denied anyway.


I'm deployed now, she's given up. We're moving back to Virginia within a year of my return.

There's only so much one can do.
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