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Originally Posted by sfbay View Post
I love my LCP. It weighs practically nothing, is super accurate, and points well in your hand.
I still have mine. I carried it every second i was awake in my shorts pockets around the house in Texas. It was great in that when wearing sweat pants or basketball type shorts since it didn't weigh anything, especially in an apartment and people knocking on the door or just going out to get the groceries or walk the dogs.

It always had a weird trigger bounce that would feel like it bruised the bone on my trigger finger after you fired each shot. I then got the S&W Bodyguard and like it a lot better. I'll probably be selling my 2 LCP's before i move to Utah but im keeping my Texas Coyote edition i got signed by Rick Perry! Funny how such a cheap gun became a collector piece for me. Damn i miss being free
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