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Originally Posted by retired View Post
They will look at the bankruptcy since it is so recent, so be prepared to explain why it occurred. As far as your choice of majors, what exactly do you mean you want to obtain a B.A. in "law." If you are referring to a Criminal Justice degree, you might want to rethink that. Unless you are applying for a le job with the Feds, pretty much every active and retired leo here have recommended not to do it when the question has come up.

Per one member who works for the Feds (don't recall the agency and he posted a year or two ago), a CJ degree is actually desirable for getting on with some of the Federal agencies (you'd have to check which ones).

If you decide on a CJ degree and you go locally and either don't make it or decide it isn't for you (and people do just that while in the academy), then you are stuck with a CJ degree that will probably not serve you well in looking for another career.

My B.A. was in History because I did well in it and was going into law school, with the goal of entering the FBI. I ended up in local le and the degree helped not only entering at a higher salary, but also obtaining my P.O.S.T. certificates sooner.

Public Admin., Business, English, etc. are all good majors that should serve you well in getting hired and promoting, all things being equal.

I would recommend, as was said, taking practice tests, remedial English if you have any difficulties with grammar, spelling or punctuation. Report writing is an important part of le and if you cannot write a good report, you will not make it off training.

My former dept. will return you to your last assignment if you fail training due to report writing problems. You have one year on your own, to remediate. You will be sent out to another station on your list at the end of the year. If you don't make it this time for any reason, you have two choices: 1. Resign. 2. Demote to a Custody Assistant position. The latter is not sworn, no gun, probably 1/3 of the salary (I could be wrong on that as I've been retired for almost 10yrs.) and working custody of some sort for the rest of your career.

Lastly, I enjoyed my time as a leo despite my many surgeries and having to retire medically before I wanted to. Was I passionate about joining. Hell yes. It took me awhile and a lot of tests due to the competition. When you end up in the top 5 or 10 a number of times and they only hire one and you are number 3 or 5 and you are 7, it takes time to get hired.

As far as a family goes, I would not have the one I have if I hadn't been a leo. I met my future wife at the hospital she worked at. She was my physical therapist aide (at the time) for one of my work related injuries. Almost 32yrs. of marriage, 3 kids and 10 grandkids; so yeah, you can have a family and enjoy both them and the career.

Good luck.
I'll go with English seeing as my grammar could use some work and seeing as I will be using it almost non stop. Thanks for the insight. Really encouraging!
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