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Really great help guys. Thanks for all the input. I'll keep everything in mind.

And to answer a few questions. It's been awhile since I last hit the books and was last in school. I was told the test was simple so I thought I would be able to remember a lot of things, but it turned out I wasn't really prepared. And I wasn't able to study much due to short time. I've been stuck with working temp jobs and working low hours as a security guard to be able to finance my self into a new career. After about a few years I manage to save up to 12k. (And I also have FAFSA) I have enough for the general cost. But I was looking more into the long run and getting my AA/BA degree in law as well. Riverside seems to have a FAST TRACK program that will fit this need so I'm leaning more to it. As for the tests, I failed the riverside department test due to being a airhead and taking someone else advice into thinking it was easy. But forgot that he was currently going to school so he didn't have to brush up on anything. The second time I took the test was around December of last year. I had a horrible flu and wasn't able to reschedule for the Pomona police department so I went ahead and tested anyways seeing as it would just be marked as a no show/fail

I'm currently taking the Introduction to law enforcement class's at Ben Clark and will be finished with the classes soon. So far, I have no issues with them.

I also aced the test for San Bernardino valley college assessment test. And I did well for the physical agility test. However, out of the 40 people that showed up, I didn't make the top 10 on the list (was 12 on the list) and was put on the reserves in case someone drops out. Everyone ended up showing up so I'm trying again for this year. They made it clear that departments have priority in the school and only have so many seats open for self sponsored cadets. I also passed the P.O.S.T. written exam for the Ben Clark school this month.

I still have enough time to decide which school I want to go to and just want to hear if one is better then the other, or if its just a matter of which ever one seems more covenant, distance wise. I hear that Orange County academy was one of the top ranked schools. But wasn't sure if that was from people who were being bias about it.

Thanks again guys. You've been really helpful.

My ultimate goal is to work as a detective. I know I have to put in a few years as a cop to reach this goal and I would need at least a BA in some field involving law. So like I said. I might go with riverside after all to get my BA in law with the fast track program they have.

My record is very clean. No felonys, no arrests. However, I did file bankruptcy 2 years back after I lost my job. It was during that time that I felt it was time to change careers. I personally felt culinary wasn't much of a passion. I just really loved food but not enough to make a career of it. I've always been passionate about law enforcement. I just never bothered because my family, girl friend, etc felt troubled about me working such a dangerous job. They also felt very strongly about firearms in general thinking people only buy them to commit crimes, etc. It took some time, but they started to be supportive about it. I just wished I Ignored them and started doing all this once I hit 18 rather then ranking up a 50k debt in a AA degree in Culinary. Not to mention the school seemed more like a scam. Anyways that's some history if it clears up anything.

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