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Make sure you understand the entrance requirements from the college before you commit. At SBVC you had to pass a college level proficiency test with a minimum score prior to registering for the SBCSO academy.

I would choose the closest academy to your home. I would also look at the freeway issues getting to those locations. i.e. the 215 going to the SBCSO academy was a nightmare the last 2 years since it was under construction.

I had to leave 2 hours ahead of class to make sure I would make it on time. I came real close to being late. This is roughly a 30 minute drive for me under normal conditions. Trust me, you do not want to be late.

If your going fulltime, make sure your well funded, if you don't have what is needed for the day, your going to get the boot for being unprepared.

On another note, I know the RSO Academy offers a PT/Get-Ready type of course via RCC. You might want to try that to get a feel for what you are getting into.

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