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I think it would be to your advantage to have a gun that would teach you trigger control. That may come with a heavy pull or a longer pull. If you get a gun like an SR40 that has a pretty decent pull on it already you will be spoiled and not ever learn anything about trigger control or how to do your own smithing on a gun.
My wife is a real decent shot with her GP100 .357 with DA trigger. She id not a good shot with my G21 or my G17. her groups get wider if she uses her trigger in SA. I could out shoot anyone with a glock with my Sigma 40 any day of the week. with the lighter trigger I do not pay attention as much to the what is happening at muzzel. When you pull the trigger on any pistol, if you are right handed the muzzel is going to move down and to the left. That is super apperent when you are using a heavy or long trigger pull. If you are able to control that with a heavy pull than it is much easier woth a light pull. You just need to remember to pay attention to WTF you are doing. The thing about the Sigma is that it can really take a beating and still function even if you "limp wrist" it the gun will still fire and not jam up.

I think it may be better to start off with a heavier pull, so yes in answer to you question. If you start off with the heavy pull everything else will be lighter and easier for you to operate in the long term.
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