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Originally Posted by SO.CALISHOOTER View Post
@vector16 why not consider a 40. If u spend 500 or more on a gun?? Wow I did not know that about glocks warranty but still they do run forever....@socal44 and @db42 is the SR line one of rugers top handgun at the moment?
The SR9 was designed to compete directly with the Glock's 19 and 17, and it is perfectly capable of doing so. The SR line is Ruger's best and brightest - with the SR45 having just been released at shot show.

Glock has an excellent warranty and so does Ruger.
If there's anything wrong with your gun Ruger will either fix it or replace it, for free. I only know a few people who've had to send them in for servicing, and all of them got free Ruger swag when the gun was returned.

BTW, avoid the 40cals. The use of the 40 was a bureaucratic decision, not a functional one.

Originally Posted by SO.CALISHOOTER View Post
@vector16 thanks I appreciate the offer if I get the sigma ill PM you.. Do u think for a first handgun it would be smarter to get used to a heavier trigger pull then a lighter one?
Heavier trigger pull means that you're more likely to make a mistake before you've fired. The more movement, the more chances for error.

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