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Originally Posted by Toby's Tactical View Post
I have an 07 FFL and can fabricate parts in my machine shop to make this gun legal for SSE. AND I will make a new barrel so you can use the original after transfer. Will need the handgun for about 2 weeks. I would send it to your FFL in SSE configuration so they can start the transfer right away. If they pay me for the parts, they can keep them. If you/they want to return the parts to me, the cost is reasonable since I can reuse them; a deposit would be required. Detailed instructions are included on how to convert back to standard configuration and send the parts back to me. Send me an email if interested.
Thanks alot for your offer, I visited an FFL that was new to me today and found out they do SSE for RUGER LCP for an additional $50. That's a reasonable price for me considering 1. it's in Fresno and 2. Most guys wanted $100!!

Hope this thread can get you some business from guys that don't have an FFL like mine nearby.

Originally Posted by Sunday View Post
What makes the Ruger worth the SSE exemption ?
It's the best pocket pistol IMO, Ruger did a great job with it. I will be applying for CCW this summer and for guys like me that don't have much meat to conceal weapons in, this is the perfect gun. If I was fat or if winter was year round around here, I'd love to carry a 1911 all the time like the old timers do. I'm not a fan of 380, I wish one in that exact same size was available but in 9mm. The LC9 is the same size as my Kahr CW9 so I need something smaller.
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I weep for my country and what it is becoming.
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