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Originally Posted by randian View Post
In 1924 there were people who legally possessed heroin. That year, the Feds made possession of heroin a felony. Those people were not compensated for their loss.

Fast forward to 2013. There are people who legally possess a certain class of gun. If possession of those guns is made a crime, I expect they will not be compensated for their loss.

The analogy is exact. Why do you have trouble with it?
The analogy is not exact. Drug use is not a fundamental right.
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My neighbors think I'm a construction worker named Bruce.

Little do they know that's just my stripper outfit and name.
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I am currently cleaning it and I noticed when I squeeze the snake this white paste like substance comes out. What the heck is this crap?
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Don't D&T a virgin milsurp rifle. You'll burn in collector hell.
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