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Even though they're a bit spendy at $20 an hour, there's a new indoor, 10 lane range here in Modesto that I and my 8YO kid went to check out. Took the SR22 and several other pistols.

According to them, they won't let anyone under the age of 12 shoot any pistols for "insurance reasons." When I explained that other ranges I frequent don't have this limitation, they said that they were probably fudging the rules as set forth by their insurance and that 90% of ranges all use the same carrier and have a similar, if not the same, insurance policy.

For the same "insurance reasons," they don't allow any rapid fire, fast followups, or double taps. They don't allow drawing from holster except for their members and you have to go through their class.

I smiled, said thanks and left. (with no intent to return)

None of the private clubs, or other ranges, here in the area have such a restriction or if they do, enforcement is very lax. I've seen kids as young as 5 shooting 22 pistols of all kinds.

When I practice for defensive shooting, I ALWAYS practice 2 in the chest and one in the head. I told the counter guy at the new range here that he's likely to lose some business over their stringent rules. He didn't seem to concerned about it ... they are the only game in Modesto, for now. With rules like that, I'll go where I can safely shoot the way I want to shoot and with whom I want to shoot with.

Once the snow melts, it's National Forest Land for me and mine.

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