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Originally Posted by kaligaran View Post
Oh I know, the op just mentioned wanting portability that's why I wanted to make sure I understood how that particular Sawyer worked as I had looked into it at one point.

I'll have to look into SP194. Thanks for the tip.

I wouldn't mind having another big capacity filter for sure. Redundancy is important to me.
Keep in mind the actual filter and misc. components of the Sawyer Zero Point Two are very small and light - and easily packable for bug-out. So if you can scavenge a bucket or bag or whatever you can to hold water along the way, you can still use it. You don't have to cart a bucket around with you.

I happen to have a SP191 in my bug-out bag. My wife's bug-out bag has the SP194. The house has an SP191. And our get-home-bags have SP131's.
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