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Originally Posted by Wherryj View Post
This guy is the reason that I propose a Constitutional Amendment permanently banning ANY author/co-author of ANY legislation found to be in violation of the Constitution.

There should be VERY SEVERE penalties for trying to violate the highest law of our land. These "servants" continually dance around the grey areas of the Constitution, and if they go too far, they just get to try again and again until the courts either allow their transgression or the people run out of money to fight in the courts.

This should be a "one and done" offense. Serving in politics is a PRIVILEDGE, not a RIGHT. Using that privilege to violate other's rights should have severe repercussions. I would even suggest that willfully violating the Constitution is a form of treason, but that's a future amendment.
Make the state liable for any court costs for laws tossed out as unconstiutional by the courts and then let the legistlation police itself.

I don't expect every individual representative to be constitutional scholars, but there's enough people working to figure out what's what.
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