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If you can afford it go with a CZ, Colt, Browning, HK, Kimber, Les Bear, Dan Wesson, Sig or Walther. Any of these firearms are by far better than Glock ever could be. BUT, you will PAY for it. My next gun is going to be a Kimber Custom II in .45 1911. I have thought long and hard about it and I will have the $1500 I need to purchase it from turners. The extra mags are $20 so I think I'll get 10 of them.

But in all reality, Don't really listen to some of these guys,. Glock is not the Holy Grail of firearms. The are nice for the money and the are simple to use and clean and they can take aliot of abuse. But so can the other ones we have mentioned before. The Sigma can take alot and still be a great gun for you to have as your first gun. You can put some work into it, not break the bank and have a reliable gun for years and years to come. No one will really want to steal it from you either.
Most of us have agreed the the 1911 is the go to gun for sure and has been battle tested for over 100 years. If you can get the 1911, do it. no matter which 1911 you get you can put a couple hundred bucks into it and get night sights, extra mags, extended beaver tail, skeletonized trigger etc and have a great gun fo many years that will never loose its value. if you get a 1911 in .40 cal you will spend some extra cash but they are pretty rare. I think that Sig makes one. If you can get your hands on a new SR1911 get that one, they are very mice guns, very tight tolerences and lifetime warranty. Glocks do not have a lifetime warranty, they have a 1 year warranty. Ruger do, Sig does and so does S&W.
Bottom line get what feels good to you. Do not buy a gun for the name. If yiou could I would go in blind folded and pick a gun on feel, not looks.
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