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Originally Posted by FMFdevildoc View Post
Don't bother with Glock haters.
I sure hope that was not directed at me. If you read my first post i had said that I own 2 of them, G17 and G21. I would not even mess around with a .40 cal if I am spending over $500.

The 9mm is good because the target ammo is cheap and if you get the right round like the 147 gr JHP +p you can easily drop almost anything. I dropped a 130 lb deer with it last season.

The .45 cal is fantasic. its the classic all American round that can drop anyone. evem if you have 230gr Tula's. For PD I have mine loaded with 185gr JHP +p. If an intruder come into my home I can shoot them in the foot and stop their heart beat.
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