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Don't bother with Glock haters. If the incompetent, high functioning retard Iraqi police never killed a Glock? That was something that sold me on the quality / reliability forever. I was "neutral" neither love nor hate Glocks, until that deployment. Now, I own a G22 and I would trust my life & my loved one's safety with that piece.

A GOOD (ref: good) 1911 is always a no-fail duty pistol.

Finally - I owned a Ruger P89 and I disliked the pistol. Fit & finish, reliability were average at best. Not the best I've owned.

When I look at the pistols I've currently or previously owned, I ask myself this: "Would I feel good carrying this on deployment to the Middle East?"

The following got resounding "yes"
- Glock 22
- Para Ordnance P14-45 1911 (older model)
- Springfield USGI 1911
- Sig Sauer 226

WOULD NOT like to rely upon them overseas:
- Ruger P89
- Taurus PT92 (Beretta Fs92 mock)
- Beretta 92... LOL!!!
- My revolvers (for obvious rationale)
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