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We are continuely fighting politicians on their ground so why not take it away from them? How about suing them personally and working to drag them out from under the color of their jobs? How about recall petitions using volunteers to get signatures? How about researching legal cases to file criminal or legal sanctions against people. tie them up in legitimate legal issues so they don't have the time for this crap and let others know they are being watched and it could happen to them. If we get one then people with other issues (non-gun) might jump on board to mail those who are anti-gun if those poiticians just happen to be pissing other people like deep pocket old fashion farmers. we need to change our attack posture and take them out of their game rather than fighting them on their ground. Bankrupt a legislaturer with legitimate lawsuits and the rest will run. Remember we are fighting cowards who would not take up a gun to defend this country or their families.
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