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Originally Posted by njineermike View Post
You need to read up on what the rest of the universe calls "the law".
I did. What did I say that was wrong? If I pass a law, effective today, that possession of X is unlawful, I cannot charge you with that crime if you performed the proscribed act last week. A law that allowed that is ex post facto. I sure as hell can prosecute you today, if you were in possession today. That is not ex post facto, notwithstanding the fact that you lawfully possessed the item last week. I am prosecuting you today for your conduct today, not your conduct last week.

Furthermore, it is well settled law that contraband, which X is under this hypothetical law, need not be compensated if it is seized by law enforcement. Why else do you think drug raids aren't compensable events? I don't recall compensation being paid when anti-drug laws were first being passed. The courts were perfectly fine letting existing lawful property become contraband, and not compensating its owners for seizure.
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