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That's we're I'am at I live in Fontana. I went to the turners in Ontario/Rancho in November and I asked one of the guys with a white shirt (guessing a manager) if he'd help me out I wanted to get a feel for a couple guns since I was gana turn 21 in a couple months(this being in Nov.) and he just straight up said no didn't even ask me if I was interested in looking at a rifle or shotgun just no and that was that I ignored him and looked at there inventory thru glass luckily a employee wade came along and had a good conversation with me about certain handguns even though I wasn't allowed to touch them, the point of this being if they wouldn't even let me touch one I don't think they'll let me do a partial pay for one.. Yeah bass pro is a big no no but might be a place were I could go and get a feel for it when I turn 21.. Do most places carry police trade -ins??
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