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Originally Posted by killmime1234 View Post
I think they consistently underestimate how many hundreds of thousands of these guns are in circulation. The state does not have the money to compensate for all the "grandfathered" guns.

At least he can tell his constituents that he tried to save the beh-behs.
Compensate? Who the hell thinks they are going to compensate anyone?

I foresee two options at the most.

#1. Remove your "grandfathered" firearm from this state and store it in another.
#2. Deliver your "grandfathered" firearm into the waiting hands of your local LEO to be carted off to the foundry to be melted into re-bar to air in rebuilding CA's aging infrastructure. You will receive a hearty handshake and a thank you for your donation from the representative of our lords and masters.

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