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Originally Posted by toyturbo View Post
Hey triggs75, ever get a chance to try your new leupold vxr yet? Trying to get your impressions and thoughts on it. My understanding is that you replaced an SS scope with it? Why? Just trying to guage your opinion since I have the same scope but haven't had a chance to play with it yet.
I took it out last month and am very happy with the VXR Patrol scope. Yes I did change out my SS 1-4x scope. I wanted a little more power and the SS really wasn’t doing it for me. I was not to fond of the SS reticle and how thick the lines were, it seemed like it took up most of the glass.

- The glass quality on the VXR Patrol is extremely clear, sharp, high resolution and bright. I was quite surprised how good the glass was in low light
- The illumination system works very well, with just a small dot that lights up at the center crosshair
- I like the low profile exposed mil turrets
- For me I can easily keep both eyes open while looking through it when it is set on low magnification

It is a lot of scope for ~550 dollars and would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a mid-range scope.

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