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This guy has never held a Glock in his life. judging by the statement of "(unlike a Glock) it ejects empty mags with extreme prejudice".

I have never fired a Glock where the empty casing has fallen free. I have shot every glock that is legal on the market. The shells do not drop free.

Why are you trying to mislead this kid? He needs a reliable handgun that will serve him well under and condition. The ones he has thought about are great choices and they will not break the bank till he gets paid.

The four fireams I had mentioned to you was not to compare them directly to each other. They were to compare them to the kind of weapond you are looking for, Reliable. While true the SA/DA 1911 is a whole other animal than the strker fire Glock, XD or Sigma, it is still one of the most widely used gun models of all time.
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