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Originally Posted by orangeusa View Post
3. I very seldom dislike a firearm, but the Sigma has the WORST trigger I've EVER felt. It's abysmal. Horrid. Inexcusable.
Do not buy a used gun as your first gun. You do not know enough about them to look at them and tell if there is anything wrong. I made the mistake as buying use as my second and boy oh boy did I get burned.

The Trigger on the Sigma is only bad if you are coming off a Glock. The thing about Glock is after you have fired a Glock and gotten used to a Glock it will feel like there is something wrong with all of your other guns. Nothing will feel right if you get used to a Glock first. Just a warning. Its great for glock but its not no great for you.

You also may want to look at a S&W M&P9 or 40. mThey are both in the price range that you want to be in. about $500. They are also great guns and they are Glocks biggest competitor.
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