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You may not find what you are looking for at all at this point. All the stores around me have been totally empty as far as handguns go. I have seen the Springfield XD though. That is also a very reliable gun. I have had all these guns that have been mentioned. I will brea it down for you.

Glock: I own 2 of them, a 17 and a 21. Both of them are very easy to take apart and clean. They are both very acurate and made with quality in mind. The after market parts for the Glock are very easy to come by and very reasonably prices. Extra mags for the glock are $25 each. I have 5 mags for each of my glocks. The grip on glocks is something that you will have to get used to. They are square and at a very wierd angle. the trigger is not that great either but they do have a great and short reset for fast follow up shots. This was the desidind factor for me above the M&P. Cost: plan on spending about $600-$650 OTD

P95: Very good gun. You can hit a target at 100yards with the p95 the sites are great and easy to see. The Ruger has ALL of its parts made in the USA, they have an excellent warranty with a fantastic customer service department. This is great for your first pistol and its very afforable too. Mags are more expensive at around $40 each. Cost $400-$450 OTD

Sigma: This is one of my favorite guns ever. I abused the heck out of mine ane it just kept ticking. I was able to feed anything thru it. never stove piped, FTF or FTE. if you want a gun that you can work on alter, learn how to do some basic smithing on and still have a very accurate and reliable gun than the Sigma is the gun for you. You can deal with the standard 14lb trigger or you can do some very simple mods and bring it down to 4lbs. There are lots of YouTube vids on how to do trigger jobs on the Sigma. Extra mag are kind of pricy though. they run about $47 to $55. The reset trigger reset sucks. But I am able to hit a fly in the eye at 25 yards with a Sigma and that is a heck of alot better than I am with my Glocks or my Ruger or any other pistol I own. Cost: $300 to $400. I paid $400 OTD.

Springfield XD: very reliable gun and very acurate. They are better looking than any of the above mentioned. They take full advantage of the sight radius and are used in compitition all over the world. The stock trigger is lighter than a sigma but has the same reset. You can buy kits to make the reset very short and take the pre travel ond over travel away completely they are very difficult to take apart and clean when you go beyond the field strip. you will almost need an extra pair of hands. Extra mags ar $40 each. Cost $450 to $500 OTD

You may also want to look at the Rock Island 1911. These guns are solid and a great value for the GI model. They are standard 1911s and the 1911 is one of the only guns with more aftermarket parts than the glock. They are made from the same plans and equipment as the Colt except they are not made here and they have a matte finish. The warranty is lifetime and they have graet customer service. I planned on getting one myself last sept. but I got a great deal on my Glock 21 FS that I just could not pass up. If Diane Finstien bill passes you have nothing to worry about they are 7-8 round mags. Extra mags are $15-$35 depending on the brands that you choose. they have many different models to choose from but the GI is the cheapest Cost: $400 to $500 OTD
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