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Originally Posted by Bongos View Post
But realistically, the first gun for anyone man or woman should be a full size revolver.. a 4" S&W 64 (38spl) I think is perfect for a first gun.. you can go a little heavier to a mod 19 or 66 (38SPL/357 mag). the heft of the gun will absorb the recoil, her choice of cocking the hammer back will acheive small groups thus adds confidence.. Not to be mistaking to get a snubby as those are reverse...
Maybe in your case, but I know of a woman who should NOT have a revolver. Her finger naturally went straight for the trigger. Could not get it to go up towards the frame. Too much of a risk for a new shooter to have a negligent discharge. No matter what we did, it was like a magnet!

So, that's why the one true answer to this question is 'it depends'! LOL!
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