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Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
I think Kris was trying to avoid another kick starter. His opening statement^^^

Better to be pissed off than pissed on.
The ethical thing for Kris to do was to put something like what you just quoted into the ORIGINAL Kickstarter.

We were hoping that some deep-pocket finance types would have shown themselves by now to help us carry this film to the finishing line, but no such luck.
He knew this, that is why he left that information out, UNTIL he met his Kickstarter goal.
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Originally Posted by Kappy View Post
You don't like homosexuality, don't let some dude stick his tab A into your slot B.
Originally Posted by Gecko45
But then again I think of the mayors nephew, his face distored with tears and terror, the GAP employees who asked for my autograph, and had to settle for a cover identity’s signature, the flashbangs, and their acrid scent, the small of napalm in the evening breeze, as I crouch behind a shopping cart in the parking lot,

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