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On October 4th, I Kicked in based on the Kickstarter found here.

I found it through the post on Calguns. After I kicked in, I was getting updates from Kris via email, through Kickstarter.

Now re-read what I posted above...

Originally Posted by Hoshnasi View Post
I am not happy about this double-dipping. And yes, I think it is double-dipping, regardless of what post you said the budget was. I don't follow all your posts but I did click the "Back This Project" button on Kickstarter and no where there did it say this would only get you less than half of the way there.
I ceased to follow the Calguns posts since I was getting DIRECT email from Kris.

Originally Posted by taperxz View Post
This has been mentioned before.
It was not mentioned on the Kickstarter, the actual vehicle for providing money... Nor in the subsequent update emails from Kris. He had my money (via Kickstarter) and my word reaching out to a small community to drum up more support. THEN two months later added:

In September/October, we raised $72,000 through a campaign on (net $64,000 after commissions to Kickstarter and Amazon). This net sum represents a third of our total projected budget of $180,000 to complete the film.
Please stop trying to argue about my principles. You're not going to convince me that Kris purposely leaving out the fact that the first Kickstarter would not fully fund the project was ethical.

Your posts have taken me from peeved to fully pissed off.

Come to Flavor Country...

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You don't like homosexuality, don't let some dude stick his tab A into your slot B.
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But then again I think of the mayors nephew, his face distored with tears and terror, the GAP employees who asked for my autograph, and had to settle for a cover identity’s signature, the flashbangs, and their acrid scent, the small of napalm in the evening breeze, as I crouch behind a shopping cart in the parking lot,
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